FCRA offers two Western Competition Team options to find all kinds of riders!


Jr. Competition Team

FCRA’s Jr. Competition Team gives students a taste of the competitive side of horseback riding. Members receive a high level of instruction, opportunities to compete offsite, and a will ride the same horse each lesson and race guarunteed!

 Competition Team members participate in two group lessons each week, have access to playdays, clinics, and get their own tack locker!
$695/month requiring 30-days notice upon termination

Playday & Barrel Competition Team

FCRA’s Playday and Barrel Racing Teams are offered to both adults and juvenile riders. This opportunity is offered as an introduction/preparatory course for purchasing a horse, joining the high school rodeo team, or furthering your skills in the barrel racing and playday arena. Team members will have the opportunity to compete at local playdays and barrel races on our lesson horses or to compete on their own horse as a member of our riding team.

 CT members will be held to the highest standards as they will be looked up to by our current students and the general public. There will be try-outs held every other month and students will be judged on their riding abilities and horsemanship skills.



Each month the playday competition team will travel to Keller Arena on the 2nd Saturday for a playday (these typically last from 8am – mid afternoon). Students must arrive one hour before we leave for the playday and will be required to stay for one hour after we return to the barn. Students will be responsible for getting their horse and tack ready, caring for their horse before, during, and after the playday, and for packing the correct clothes and a lunch. Members should be prepared for a 7am-5pm type of day!

Each month the barrel racing competition team will travel to a local arena to compete against youth in their age group. We typically run with the Barrel Racing Association of Texas (BRAT) and also follow a few of the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) races. The dates for the current year can be found on the BRAT and NBHA websites.

Some months there will be an extra competition offered for a local barrel race. The same rules apply for arriving at the barn one hour prior to leaving and staying one hour after we return to the barn. These additional races carry an additional charge and are optional.