Birthday Parties


Kids birthday parties are extra special when shared with our four-legged friends. Celebrate with horse rides, games, food and friends – everything you need for an event that’s sure to provide memories all year long.

Birthday parties at our facility are booked for a 2-hour time slot. The first hour of your party is spent in the arena for games on horseback. We then hand the reins over to you for cake, presents, pinata, games, food, etc.

All birthday parties are given use of two horses. You may rent additional horses (up to four total) at an additional cost. Birthday parties are $250, plus $75 per additional horse. There is no maximum limit of children allowed.

Add one dozen horseshoes for birthday guests to paint while waiting their turn to ride – $75 additional cost. This is a GREAT party favor idea!

“Paint the Pony” – children can paint hand prints and designs on their favorite pony  – $75 additional cost.

All birthday parties can be themed to your particular party: Unicorn parties, My Little Pony, Spirit, Shrek, Pink Pony Parties, and Wild West Cowboy parties to name a few! When we adopt your party theme, it is applied to the horseback riding portion (cutie marks on the horse’s hips for MLP, unicorn horn for a unicorn party, etc.) only.