Horsemanship Camps


Now extending Spring Break camps for all interested {and healthy} students looking for something to do during their time off. Extended hours from 8AM to 1:30PM, same $65 cost.


***We will not allow any children in our facility that are coughing, sneezing, appear lethargic, or that have a fever. Following current CDC guidelines, we will be washing our hands after each activity, giving fist and elbow bumps in place of hand shakes, and disinfecting all surfaces before and after all activities within the barn***


Each day campers will learn about horses and how to take care of one, horsemanship responsibilities, arts & crafts, games, and horse-related activities. The riding lesson portion lasts 90 minutes and will focus on developing skills such as barrel racing, pole bending, and maneuvering through a trail pattern. The focus is for students to get as much hands-on experience with horses as possible!


Please remember a sack lunch, extra snack, water, and dress appropriately for the weather. We do have vending machines with snack items and drinks available, but this should not substitute for a packed lunch.


Our day camps are appropriate for ages 4-13.


Cost is $65/day and can be paid upon arrival or beforehand. If paid upon sign up, please note that all monies will be returned if student is unable to attend, no questions asked.


Please see the schedulicity widget below to reserve a camp spot TODAY! Click on the Event tab on the widget, scroll down to select the camp day you are wanting to reserve, and fill out the required information. You will receive a confirmation email and be asked to fill out and return the spring break camp form below to complete your registration. You can also scroll down past the widget to print the camp form and mail it in with your deposit if you do not want to try booking online.




——————————————————– Horsemanship Camp Form —————————————

Day camps – 8am-1:30pm, Cost is $65/day:

Please Check One:

March 16 (Mon) ____                        March 17 (Tues) ____                        March 18 (Wed) ____

March 19 (Thurs) ____                       March 20 (Fri) ____                           March 21 (Mon) ____                       

March 22 (Tues) ____                        March 23 (Wed) ____                        March 24 (Thurs) ____                      

March 25 (Fri) ___

***Anyone arriving with cough, sneezing, lethargy, or fever will be turned away immediately. If you book and pay and cannot come, all monies will be returned, no questions asked***

Student’s Name ___________________________   Birthdate ________________

Email Address ____________________________ Allergies/Other Info____________________

Riding Ability (circle one)          Beginner                      Intermediate             Advanced

How did you hear about us? 

 ⃝ Facebook     ⃝ Magazine     ⃝ Friend     ⃝ Flyer     ⃝ Other:_______­­­­­__________________

Parent’s Name ____________________________Phone#_______________________________

Emergency Contact Name _____________________________ Phone# ____________________

Cost is $65 per session, please include with this form or make arrangements to pay by check or cash, Venmo or Zelle morning of camp.

Amount enclosed $______

Make checks payable to: Full Circle Riding Academy

       Please mail to: Full Circle Riding Academy, 6301 Chapman Rd, Watauga 76148


Full Circle Riding Academy reserves the right to cancel a camp that does not meet the minimum number of students or for any changes in CDC guidelines and employee health.