Horseback Riding Lessons


Full Circle Riding Academy 04About the Lessons

Our lessons programs run year-round. You are welcome to start lessons in the middle or near the end of the month – you do not have to wait for the beginning of the month to start.

We offer basic western horseback riding lessons for the beginner rider as well as advanced lessons for the more experienced rider. We place an emphasis on playday events and barrel racing, allowing some of our students the opportunity to compete at local barrel races on our lesson horses.

We offer both group and private lessons. No matter the option you decide to go with, they are both formatted the same. When students arrive for their lesson, they will brush their horse and prepare him to be saddled. They will learn how to saddle, bridle, and lead the horse on their own and then will proceed to the arena for the riding portion. We teach each lesson according to each individual rider’s skill and interest level. At the end of each lesson, students will unsaddle and brush down their horse. Emphasis is placed on safety and having fun!


All new students ages 6 and up must take a one-time $35 evaluation lesson (ages 3-5 go directly into private lessons). This lesson is where they can show us the knowledge they already have, or we can show them the basics they’ll need to be successful in future lessons.

Group lesson rates are $200/month (regardless of whether there are 4 or 5 riding days in each month) and all riding groups are small (3-5 riders per group).  After students have completed their evaluation lesson, they will be given different day and time options to place them into appropriate group or private lessons according to their age and skill level. Please remember that there is a 24-hour cancellation notice or you will be charged for the lesson.

Private lesson rates vary by length of lesson. Please contact Stephanie at 817-223-6036 for pricing.


Monday- Friday: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am – 11:00 am

Homeschooling classes are offered on Monday mornings and adult classes offered throughout the week. All classes are divided by age and skill level.